Saturday, November 24, 2012

What is good about choosing massage therapist as a profession?

When it comes to medical certification programs one of the more new types of jobs which has been gaining popularity is massage therapist. With the great number of people that get injured in various accidents a massage therapist works hard to get the person with body pain, relieve stress, increase relaxation or help by rehabilitating an injury.

Working conditions for a massage therapist does require much time and effort because you are working to relieve tense muscles in many cases and you need to be able to work with your hands for long periods of time. But there are many places that a massage therapist can easily find work at. Some of the places they can be found include spa's, hospital's, private massage therapy offices, shopping mall's, and fitness centers. There are even traveling massage therapists that will go to the clients location to perform a massage.

If this type of job interests you then it's wise to find out more information about schooling this is a job which requires certification. Normally you are required to take classes for about 500 hours of study but this can differ based on the state that you live in some might require more or less. Most states will require that you are licensed you will need to check to see if it is required in your state before trying to practice as a massage therapist.

A massage therapist uses a vary of skills including their arm's, hand's, elbows and even knee's to work on a patients muscles. A massage can take anywhere from 10 minutes up to an hour and usually is started with a hot compress to loosen muscles. A massage therapist has tools at his or her disposal utilizing various scented oils to help the client relax and using other massage table equipment or heating lamp's. The technique used differs with each client depending on the injury or the type of client for example an elderly person would not receive the same treatment that an athlete would so an elderly person would require special needs and more care to be taken.

Most massage therapist's only work part time in their profession but it can be a well paying profession making around $16.00 an hour or more depending on experience and the place your working. But massage therapy can be physically straining and a massage therapist should always practice with proper  technique's to avoid injuring themselves. You will find yourself standing long periods of time or putting more effort into a massage when working with someone who is less sensitive or has really tight stressed muscles.

A job in massage therapist is still a growing occupation and has a steadily increasing demand. In a poor economy like we are forced with today you might find yourself looking into a job similar to this one. While it does contain hard work effort and a love for working with patients it can be well rewarding and be a reward to the community. 

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